last updated: 2019-08-26 (new CL REPL APKs)

Common Lisp and QML for Mobile

(currently android only)

This gives an overview of the more interesting EQL5-Android (gitlab) examples, which can be downloaded from here (ARM only; see links below).


Android phone or tablet running at least version 4.1


Additionally to a tablet, all apps have been tested on several different (real) phones, working on all of them (even on android 4.2, which is known to be buggy; see workaround in sources).

Screenshots / Download

(click on the name on the left to download from DropBox: no need to sign in, just choose direct download)

All apps are full versions, not using the ministro service (which unfortunately doesn't work on all devices, giving useless error messages).

For this reason, all apps are ca. 15 MB big (and there is currently no viable way around this; but given the storage capacity of modern devices, this should not be a problem). Eventual updates to the apps can be made really small though, see updates.

All examples include (except CL REPL, which has latest versions):

The APK files will be kept in sync with the latest commits on gitlab.

name/link on a phone on a tablet description
repl icon

64 bit
REPL-phone REPL A REPL with simple editor, copy/paste of s-expressions (tap and hold), debug dialog (restarts).
sokoban icon
CL Sokoban
sokoban-phone sokoban A GUI for the sokoban game including a simple REPL (shown on demand).
sensors icon
CL Sensors
sensors-phone sensors Shows a list of all available sensors, and how to efficiently read sensor data from Lisp.
my icon
CL myApp

CL myApp
64 bit
myApp-phone myApp An empty app for sketching (description/screenshot), including a simple REPL (shown on demand).

To be used from Emacs/Slime on the PC.